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Site News...

Sunday, May 7, 2000

Well, here's the deal... I haven't updated the site in far too long. There was some interesting discussion going on for a while on the message board, but that has fizzles (mostly due to the fact that I have not updated the diagrams.)

I'm sorry to say that this isn't going to be much of an update either. School has been pretty crazy lately with final projects/papers and now exams. I only have 1 week left, though, so hopefully things will improve once I go home for the summer.

The other reason I have been a little reluctant to post even the beginnings of some new UML diagrams is that I don't really have enough of a feeling for how the ideas should be molded into classes and such yet. I've decided to try and switch to OpenGL/GLUT so that the progams are as platform independent as possible, and right now I'm working on a simple tetris game. I plan on trying to apply the GPI ideas I have at this point to the tetris game and so that I can try and figure out what the best approach will be. Once I have something a little more interesting I'll be able to post new diagrams along with the source to the game which should make it much easier to discuss good/bad design ideas.

Until then, (a couple weeks) take care,


Thursday, April 6, 2000
UML Diagrams and more explanation posted

I'm pretty proud of this site update! I put some neat looking UML diagrams up along with additional information about the project and where I feel its headed. Check out the Project section for these new additions. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please clue me in :)

Sunday, April 2, 2000
...and a new Focus

The GPI project is undergoing a major change! I received a wonderful suggestion about a new direction to move this site in and I have decided to run with it. Basically I realized that there are a LOT of sites/articles/etc out there about how to do the graphics/sound/AI/networking/etc for a game but there are few if any good resources for developing the actual game framework that binds these elements together. I have decided to develop my site to fill this void and hope that it will end up being a valuable resource for many beginning to intermediate game programmers!

For more information check out the new introduction section.

A new look...

To go along with the new focus of the site (and because I was planning on changing this anyway) I have changed the look of the site. I'm pretty pleased with it but it still needs some better artwork. Let me know what you think of the new look and if you would be interested in helping out with some graphics (see the side bar.)